SHOPBOP sale now!!

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  1. Shopbop is having further discount now!! Go to check it out!!:tup:
  2. UGH someone stole the primp hoodie i wanted from right out of my cart!

  3. Wow! Some of these prices are insane.... :yahoo:
  4. Alas, no markdown on the L.A.M.B. coat I've been watching.
  5. I guess compare with coming up big x'mas sale, people rather save some money for now!! I just got myself some shoes...but I did spend some time to think about if I should have saved money for now as well!!:p
  6. I know this is probably a dumb question, but Shopbop doesn't 'do' codes, do they?? I'm a bit brain-dead this morning and 'not with the program'!! LOL! I'm so tempted to get the Sissi Rossi Slouch bag.
  7. Hey daniela127, that happened to me too! I think it may be a timeout... so I went back to the product page and re-added to the cart and it worked!

  8. BTW..thanks so much for the post!! I was trying not to spend any more money on myself....but this is so darned tempting!!
  9. No but they occasionally send out 20% off codes to mailing list members. I had one that expired 12/31 and I'm kicking myself for not waiting to use it now lol. oh well.
  10. I've been on their mailing list forever and have purchased from them on numerous occasions. Don't think I recall getting one of those discount codes!!
  11. I've heard that a LOT. I've gotten 3 codes over the last year and I don't buy that often. i don't know how they choose who gets the codes. it's weird (but I ain't complainin'!)

    I just got them to PM my Kooba that I received yesterday (this is the one that replaced the Eluxury one lol) so I got the bag for $312.50! yippeee :yahoo:
  12. I was *just* drooling over that bag:drool:- it's soo nice! Sorry for enabling you :graucho:

  13. I'm happy for you dolly....envious-yes...but happy!!! Which Kooba did you buy? BTW...I just emailed them to inquire about codes! I'm sure that I won't get one but at least I'm making an attempt!

  14. Fashionista7....don't you just luv it!!!??? The sand color is what I want in medium. Since I never got my Gerard Darel I guess I can justify buying it in spite of my supposed 'purs ban'!!!
  15. OK first things first! but the Sissi Rossi lol!! I'm drooling over it too and someone here needs to get it :woohoo:

    I got the Kooba Eden in pewter :smile: