SHOPBOP question....

  1. Does anyone know of any discount codes for I went into and didn't see any. I appreciate any help I can get, thanks!!!!!!!!
  2. Shopbop only rarely offers discounts (like $25 off $100) once in a while directly on their site, but no coupon codes. But they are are luckymagrewards.
  3. Thank you. Maybe I'll email them to see if they're having a special sometime soon. Anything will help! Thanks again! :smile:
  4. They JUST had a code like this ($150 off a $500 order). They usually do it about 4 times a year. Christmas time or right after will probably be the next time. They never have codes:tdown:

  5. Here's a link from Try and see if one or more of these work!

    Also, several months ago I had written to ShopBop to inquire about the possibility of their matching Revolve. Like I always do, I kept their response.....

  6. I never know they would price match with other online stores which is very good. :yahoo:
  7. They usually have codes for a day or two around the holidays or change of seasons. They had one for fall a couple weeks ago. Hopefully at Thanksgiving?
  8. HMMM honestly if they only price match with other websites for the identical item in SIZE AND COLOR...I think it would be better to order from the other website. Like Revolveclothing and active endeavors, since they have free shipping AND free returns which is great.

  9. ITA!! Those were my thoughts after reading their email!!!
  10. They sent out coupons to anyone that took part in their last deal. I think each coupon is different though.
  11. There's a 20% coupon but it was only sent to select customer. Sadly I wasn't one of them
  12. Neither was I! Oh well...there will always be another opportunity!:tup:
  13. Oh that stinks that I just missed it! There's a Vanessa Bruno bag that I would love to buy but it's just under $900 which is A LOT!! I'll wait and see what kind of discounts they offer in the next few months. Hopefully it will still be available then!! Thanks very much for this info everyone!! :smile:
  14. oh i didn't know about shopbop's price match policy either, it does make sense to order from a site that allows free returns and shipping tho!