Shopbop Price Adjustment?

  1. Hi galz, any idea about their price adjustment? thank you a bunch!!:smile:
  2. i think it's only 14 days.
  3. oh and they dont price adjust with other sites, only their own site.
  4. yep, that's right, they give you 2 weeks to price adjust. just call them up and they'll do it right over the phone.
  5. what is that??
  6. what do you all mean by price adjustment?
    if we find it cheaper somewhere else they'll change their price???
  7. No, not somewhere else, only if the price goes down on their own website...

    Although, there was a girl that wasn't able to get a price adjustment during the coupon sale recently.
  8. one more question, if the item i purchased already sold out when they have further reduction, would they be able to do it for me? thank you'all.:tup:
  9. Doubtful, but you should call and ask... maybe you'll luck out.
  10. thank you thiti. I actually emailed them regarding this issue, when they marked down last time. I was told item is sold out so couldn't do it for me. however, I called, they did adjust price for me, so I am really confused...I have been shopping there for about 2 yrs, but that was very first time to get them do price adjustment for me( I didn't know they do price adjustment before). I will try again this time then.:smile:
  11. Me too. I recently bought a vince sweater dress using a personal 20% coupon (which they randomly distributed among their customers). Then the dress got marked down so I called them to see if they would do price adjustment. The CS was very nice and credited me back the difference, although I used coupon to purchase the dress in the first place (after coupon was still little more expensive than the sale price so I got $30 back). Certainly doesn't hurt to try...