shopbop now carries Kale

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  1. Except for the Palmer, the prices are a lot higher than the Kale website!! Someone at Shopbop should really reconsider their list price.
  2. I think this is their new spring line, which is a washed leather. Melinda told me about a bag in the mustard color, which is new. Maybe that's why the price difference? :shrugs: Oh, and if it is the new washed, it's calfskin. The calfskin on the is higher as well even on their fall 06 line. :yes:
  3. out of the 3, the Palmer is the only one that attracted my eyes.
  4. I would never pay those $$$ for a Kale bag.

  5. I would-I happened to buy my Kale Tate when they had them 40% off at their website-but their quality and leather is excellent and I LOVE this handbag! I bought the smaller size Tate, not the grande-and it's plenty big. I have had so many compliments on it-I got it in the beautiful green shade. Watch for them to put them on sale-or when I hear from Melinda-I will post this online!:yes: