ShopBop is safe...right?!

  1. Just wanted to make sure that shopping on Shopbop is totally legit.

    I am :drool: for the City Tote, I just need to save up, but I was looking around and wanted to make sure that Shopbop is legit.

    Thanks Ladies

    (p.s. I did a thread search for this topic but nothing really helpful came up)
  2. its is completley of my fav and most trusted shopping sites...but if they do mark up their prices...especially the city tote is marked up like $ might wanna look for it at or or !
  3. Thanks...I live about 30 min from Boston so I think I am going to go to Luna Boston sometime and try out both the mini and city totes, to see if I really love them (which I will!!)
  4. I like Shopbop, too! I always search their sales, bc brownshugahgirl is right--their prices are not great when not on sale. :p Fun place to browse, though!
  5. shopbop is a great place to shop, lots of selection, fast service and returns. They're having a sale until Wed night, so spend now :p
  6. Shopbop is awesome! Totally legit and they have excellent CS :yes:
  7. do they ever mark up their prices...they had a dress that they marked up by 100.00 check out other sires if you can
  8. I love shopbop and have made many orders with them.
  9. Shopbop shoppers will receive $20 off orders of $100 or more, $50 off orders of $250 or more, and $125 off orders of $500 or more when they enter code FALL2007 at checkout. Expires September 12th at midnight central time. Enjoy!
  10. Shopbop definitely marks up prices. You can often find the same item on their original sites for less! But they have great CS and are absolutely legit.
  11. Shopbop is totally safe. Bought a bunch of Juicy on there.