Shopbop first time users discount? Was I mistaken??

  1. I thought that a long time ago I read in this forum that Shopbop gives first time shoppers 30% off. Is this true??? I recall learning that after I had made my first (and so far my only) purchase from them. I did get an email coupon for 20% off my next purchase though.

    Thinking that I could call them and ask them to honor that 30% off since I didn't know about it on my first order, I picked out 2 pairs of shoes I really want. I called and asked their customer service about the 30% off for first time users and she said they don't have any such promotion. I then asked if they would honor the 20% off coupon they sent me after my first purchase even if it had expired and she said their coupons are "time sensitive" so they cannot honor it if it expired. She wasn't mean but she really didn't do anything to make me want to buy from them. What I had in my basket was about $1000 of stuff. If they would have offered me something I would have purchased. Now I'm not going to buy any of it. I'm really frustrated. :cursing:

    Was I wrong about the 30% off to first time users?

    Do you think I'm unreasonable to expect that they would honor an expired 20% off coupon to keep a customer?
  2. I thought revolve was the one with the 30% first time coupon
  3. I think you were mistaken, my understanding is that Revolve has the 30% discount (for first time buyers) and Shopbop coupons are VERY rare.
  4. It's always fun to get a discount! But I've come to expect little from Shopbop's CS. In general, they're not bad, but I don't think they've told the SAs to bend over backwards and do handstands to 'please' the customer. So while I don't think it's unreasonable to refuse an expired coupon, it definitely would've been nice!
  5. i'm pretty sure too that revolve offers the first time customer discount, i've never heard of shopbop giving such a discount. i wish they had more codes like revolve! it's too bad about your wasted shopping bag of stuff :sad:
  6. Yeah I remember reading about discounts after your first purchase at shopbop... I called CS yesterday because I was planning to make my *second* purchase, but the lady I talked to didn't know of such a promotion either. She says any promotion codes are "random" and not everyone receives them?? :shrugs:
  7. Oh, I guess I confused Revolve with Shopbop. My mistake. I still think they should honor my 20% off coupon!