Shopbop EXTRA 30% OFF of Sale Items

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  2. Thanks! Got a jacket I've been eyeing for months on sale from $500 down to $100. You can get the discount off the designer handbags as well~
  3. Thanks...I got Giuseppe Zanotti boots...extra 30% off! :wlae:

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  4. I scored a cute mini dress and a fun little necklace... both of which I wanted when they were full price! :yahoo:
  5. YAY thanks for the code sep!! I scored a sweater and a hoodie :smile:
    I actually ordered something yesterday too..hopefully they'll give me a price adjustment.
  6. enter 30more when you check out! enjoy :smile:
  7. thanks, i got two C&C tees, and an MJ sweater ... not much left, but what i did get was dirt cheap :smile:
  8. thanks! shopbop sales are the best
    i recently ordered stuff too but i've asked in the past and they don't give price adjustments :sad:
  9. They will do price adjustments if it's within 24 hours :smile:
    I got it on the McQ shirt I ordered yesterday...but anything prior to that they won't allow price adjustments :sad:
  10. thank you for sharing. some quick hands took the jeans in my size before i did.:sad:
  11. i wonder why no one grab this Michael Kors python silver bag? such beautiful craft...
    the silver bag i have at home is not as good as this one.
  12. Yay!! I finally got the Shaoo heart necklace I've been after. **do a little dance**
  13. Thanks for posting! Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!) I didn't see anything I wanted to buy...
  14. ooh thanks woman!
  15. Good to know!! :tup: