Shopbop Extra 20% off Sale Items

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  1. with code 20MORE for 3 days only! I'm off to see what goodies they might have!
  2. I tried the code but it doesnt work?.. =(

  3. Did you try to use it on regular priced or sale items? It says its on sale items...

    I just tried it and it worked for me :yes:
  4. What did you buy? I don't really see anything good...
  5. I'm glad I waited - got a cashmere cardigan that was in my cart for about a month :wlae:
  6. will shopbop do a price adjustment for this code if i ordered the sale item a week ago?
  7. thanks!!
  8. orchid, i just called and they said it had to be within 24 hours meaning if you ordered yesterday you can get an adjustment...but you might try anyway and let us know!
  9. WHYYY didn't i take the plunge on the tashkent booties last night?!

    i've missed these AND a pair of margielas i wanted over the holidays because of waiting for further markdowns. you snooze, you lose!
  10. Bought this Tory Burch reg $575 for $135!!!!

    see below
  11. Black on Black

    Attached Files:

  12. They've done it for me. If the item you have was not a Final Sale, you can return it and they would rather do the price adjustment than have an item returned.