ShopBop Exclusives

  1. Poking around on Shopbop today I noticed they have a couple "exclusive" Matinees in colors I hadn't seen anywhere else: black with olive suede and purple with red suede. Does anyone have one of these (I remember someone posted about the purple/red one a little while ago)? What do we think? I really like the black/olive combo!


    Are there any other stores with exclusive bags and/or colors that are rare?
  2. Wink has an exclusive, it's a MAM in grey with black basket weave.

  3. I have this :]
  4. I love that color comb. I've never seen it before
  5. I love the black/olive too!! I am so torn between the espresso/olive and this one.

    Anybody know of any coupon codes for ShopBob? =D
  6. I love the concept of "exclusive" designs and colors, but I'm not feeling these Shopbop ones. I think I still prefer the monochromatic combos for the matinee as opposed to the contrast colors...
  7. me too ;)