Shopbop disc., when?

  1. Anyone remember when Shopbop usually does their next promotional $$$ off orders of ______???? I don't know what its called, but you know what I mean, you spend like $500 and you get $100 off your oder or something like that. I know they do them a few times a year but I can't remember when the early spring on happened last year.
  2. they did have one for valentine's last year but they didn't do that this year, probably because of their winter markdown clearance that they're still having
  3. Yeah, I was remembering one around this time. Anyone think they might have one in March before the real spring stuff goes out??
  4. Last year Shopbop had a promotion code around April....something about tax break...basically they want you to spend your tax refund so they give you a bit incentive and yes, the highest break was $100 off $500 purchase.