Shopbop Deals - Goldenbleu & L.A.M.B.

  1. I've always been intrigued by Goldenbleu. There's something so ladlylike and elegant about their bags. Maybe a bit too prissy for me but I think one day I'll find one that will call out to me. :yes:

    The Lamb bag is nice but it looks like a YSL Muse knockoff. Plus, I could never justify that price - even on sale for $500+. Imagine paying $775 - full price for the privilege of carrying a LAMB bag? Just because Gwen Stefani has her name on it? And certainly not because of the quality which I hear isn't that spectacular...seems just a tad much to me. I don't know how her line stacks up to other celebs handbag lines, but she seems to be faring better than most. Perhaps because of those jacked up prices and merely satisfactory quality?
  2. There are also deals on brands I am less familiar with - Dautore, Jack Henry, Theory...

    I love that Goldenbleu, but I've already bought too many bags. I am not a big fan of L.A.M.B., but I know many on the forum are.
  3. Yes, you've really been posting a lot of good deals lately - so thanks for that! Apologies in advance if I have offended any LAMB lovers. I had to vent about the exorbitant cost of bags. They just continue to skyrocket and I'm not sure the reason. I don't think a L.A.M.B. bag should hold itself to the same standard as a YSL - a revered house with decades of history and excellence to its name. Not that it's even close to the same price, but that bag definitely is inspired by the classic Muse - and $700+ still isn't peanuts. :lol:
  4. wow it is good deal~