Shopbop Coupons???

  1. Does anyone have any?
  2. There are several threads about this. The consensus is that Shopbop rarely, if ever, has coupons...
  3. When pigs fly
  4. they used to have free shipping every now and then. currently, there's no code that i know of.
  5. Free UPS ground shipping on all orders now!!
  6. I saw last night.. how exciting :nuts: some coupons now and then would be nice though...
  7. any one got any ^^?
  8. Shopbop has a few coupons in the past:
    Save 20% on Bop Basics with code: BOPMOM2007 (Valid 5/9/-5/11/2007).
    20% off non-sale items with code: MAKEUP (5/25/2007 only).
    $20 off $100, $50 off $250, or $100 off $500 with code: FIREWORKS07 (7/3-7/4/2007).
    Sometimes they will work again.

    Check out if they have any new coupons.
  9. They always offer free shipping. I predict that they may offer discounts for the upcoming weekend since it's a holiday. I noticed that is when they usually occur.
  10. they've given coupons out every so often... so it's not impossible.
    just have to be patient and wait =(
  11. yea they just got through with a 20% off a few weeks ago. =/