ShopBop Coupon

  1. Use fall2007 to get
    • $20 off $100
    • $50 off $250
    • $125 off $500
    Storewide sale until Wed!
  2. thanks for posting! i've been waiting so long for this. my poor wallet..
  3. You're welcome.
    By the way, I didn't realize that another person already posted this coupon. Sorry for the duplicate!
  4. just placed an order $512 for only $387 what a deal.
  5. thanks! I really need clothes
  6. just wondering is there any new codes coming soon?
  7. I think these coupons come out once every other month or so... not so sure. :confused1:
  8. i'd hope so. thanks though =)
  9. They have coupons a few times a year
  10. They have further marked down today. Go to check it out, see if u find something u might like!!;)