ShopBop Coupon codes

  1. Hello Everyone, this is my first time on the purse forum, are there any Shopbop copoun codes out there, I really have my eye on a handbag!!!
    Thanks, Amanda
  2. Shopbop coupons are very hard to come by, i don't think there are any currently.
  3. Shopbop doesn't have any coupons at the moment, but they do offer free UPS ground shipping, and if you go through Lucky Rewards (Welcome to Lucky Rewards - may have to be a Lucky mag subscriber) you can get a percentage of your purchase price back, I think between 8 and 10%.
  4. ^^^ yep. use lucky rewards it's 10 percent.
    i spent 400 last month on shopbop and forgot to use lucky rewards. :[
  5. i need a shopbop code too
  6. i need a shopbop code at Photobucket"></a>oo
  7. oops sorry
  8. they haven't had any since xmas
  9. hi -- question for you -- i purchased something using the lucky rewards code for the first time -- what exactly does this mean?? will i get cash back? or a credit to use somewhere? thanks for your help!