1. Does anyone have a coupon code for Shopbop? Thanks!
  2. I don't think they usually give out codes... When they do it is very rare, unfortunately!
  3. it happens but htey havent been giving it out recently..
    i just gave up after waiting 1 month for a code.. n went ahead n just ordered
  4. I'm looking for one, too.
  5. I thought for sure they'd have one for labor day, but it wasn't meant to be!
  6. i really thought they would too!

    oh well. maybe thanksgiving? there is this juicy suit that i really want and they're the only place that has the colour! :sad:
  7. sometimes they will have $20 off of $100 or $40 off of $500 something along those lines . they had that a few months ago. other than that, i haven't seen any codes.
  8. They hardly ever give codes.
  9. Exquisite, what color/fabric are you looking for? Did you try Revolve and Shop Rapunzels? They stock a lot of Juicy and they do codes often!
  10. Today is your lucky day -- your wish has been granted!

    But the code is only valid until WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12TH @ 12:00AM CST!

  11. thats awesome :smile:
    i love Shopbop
    does anyone know of other sites that are like Shopbop?
  12. Margaret! my mom wanted one too. and argh, just when they have a code, shopbop is out of her size!

    what bad luck.