1. Does anybody have a discount code? They drive me nuts....:blink:
  2. they drive me nuts too but they always have the best deals on juicy sweats ;/

    that run out in 3 minutes .
  3. HAHA aimeeez
  4. its really run out fast!
  5. Shopbop has lots juicy cashmere/velour/fleece on sale for 70% off right now!
  6. Shopbop never gives out codes. they've been offering free ship lately. occasionally the'll offer 15% off for people that haven't purchased in a while
  7. Is this website good? Or are they a hassle? I love splendid clothing and they have a lot of stuff I like.
  8. They are a very good website. In my experiences with them they have great customer service and quick delivery.
  9. ^^ agreed! Shopbop is my fav online clothing website. i order from them all the time!
  10. One of my favorite online places to shop. Very reputable, shop in good faith.
  11. i bought my botkier trigger from them. i realized months later that i never received a dustbag with my purse. they shipped one out to me the same day! they definitely have great CS.
  12. i didn't realize shopbop had such good sales. too bad the ipod leather cases don't fit the ipod video :[
  13. did you girls hear that just bought!
  14. What really??? Where did you hear about this :shocked: ?