1. Do they charge sales tax?
  2. No, I'm in California, just ordered a cordovan Teri from them. Free shipping, no tax = :yahoo:
  3. If you live in WI, they do - since they are based there and have an actual store in Madison. Otherwise, no tax.
  4. sweet! do they do free overnight shipping like Zappos? or should i expect my package in 5-7 days
  5. congrats on your teri btw! you'll love itt.
  6. not free overnight shipping- its free GROUND shipping. No tax....

    I HEART Shopbop!
  7. Thanks!! it arrived!! such gorgeous color!!! I'm debating if i should've gotten the quinn instead, but man, that bag is too huge!
  8. I never knew they were in WI. Sometimes, it seems like WI is a fashion no man's land...