super sale~

  1. There's tons of stuff on sale at, including Juicy Couture. The velour jackets and track jackets are less than $30 per piece! :0 I bought one at $44, so I'm kind of annoyed... but by the time they went on super sale, the were out of the color I wanted, so I can't complain!

    anyways you should check it out :smile:
  2. I just bought a velour jacket and I wanted to say that ground shipping is free!
  3. ugh, i just bought a bunch too for 44. darn it!!!
  4. i guess this means that no one likes juicy anymore.
  5. oh yea! I love juicy sets so comfy! i don't care if their not in style anymore or whatever, their just sweats really! grabbing a few!
  6. shucks! all they have let is either some XL or Petites. Really wanted to get one too!
  7. It's not that no one likes them anymore, it's just that they're velour and summer's coming! :biggrin:
  8. just to let you girls know-- if you bought them for 44 you could always do a price adjustment :smile:
  9. my online got disconnected for 2 seconds. and BAM all the colors were gone. only XL is left ;/
  10. someone cleared it out quick!
  11. They still have Petites! The prices on the JC Velour is the lowest I have ever seen! And free shipping to boot. Get them girls!
  12. I'm still waiting for the Paradise hoodie to go on further sale... :smile:
  13. the sweats are gone :'[
  14. I hope I can find another great deal on these sets, I would not buy them retail ever. Once during the previous winter sale at Saks, I was able to grab two juicy hoodies for 20 bucks each! That was an exhilarating day!
  15. ^ nice! I got two terry hoodies for $19 each but then with the shipping it ended up being around $22 each, darn shipping!