new markdowns!!!!

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  1. there are some great deals!!
    Note that a lot are now marked 'final sale' .
  2. Yeah I'd be snatching up lots if it wasn't for that.
  3. yep yep. I just emailed their customer service to ask if "final sale" means you can't return damaged or defective items.
  4. thanks for that! just spent an hour on the site and bought a dress :biggrin:
  5. thanks for sharing! do you guys know when shopbop begins their additional % off sale or spend 1000 and get 200 off sale?
  6. here is the response from customer service. if the item is defective, you can return for store credit:

    Thanks for your email. Our company does not sell used, worn or damaged merchandise so it is very unlikely that you would receive a defective item. If by chance, you do receive a damaged item, you may return it for an exchange or store credit only. We cannot refund your credit card.

    Please feel free to email us if you have questions, or if there is anything with which we can help.
    Your friends at
    Customer Service
  7. i just bought the Sorel boots i wanted. haha oh living in minnesota
  8. darn, someone bought the derek lam while i was waiting for a response from customer service. :sad:
  9. Do they still have free international shipping over$200?
  10. When did they have free int. shipping!? Do you have the code?:woohoo:
  11. They had free international shipping promotion in Late Dec .. maybe just an occasional offer..:confused1:
  12. Yeah, that was just an occasional offer, unfortunately. I think the offer ended at the end of the month/year, or something like that.