New Markdowns 30-70%!

  1. Shopbop just made new markdowns this morning! Check it out. I found a bunch of cute things and everything already on sale has been marked down even more! :yahoo::yahoo:
  2. AHHH!

    i was just going to post this! hahaha!

    yep! GREAT deals!
  3. They have these cute Ash booties (style is Patti) for 30% off. If they had my size I would get them! They're Chloe Silverado bootie knock-offs.

  4. I love it when they do this :yahoo: Does anyone know if they price match? I bought an item last week (delivered yesterday actually) and it's almost 40% off now.
  5. dollyrusso--doesnt hurt to call and ask. I am sure they will though, because I have done it before!
  6. canada's -- hahah :smile: I always get beaten wehnever I wanna post up a thread about a great deal.. this is like my 3rd time ever being first!!
  7. Thanks Effinhaute :yes: and you rule btw for posting this. I wouldn't have noticed until i got to work otherwise!
  8. Thanks for posting! Does Shopbop price match other sites' coupon codes, and if so, does the other site have to have the exact item in stock?
  9. could a nyone tell me if they like this jacket or not??
    and help me with the fitting?? Does it fit TTS? Or should I be orderinga size up.. i cant decide btw the XS or S! THANKS!!

  10. awesome thanks!
  11. effinhaute - you are my best friend for the day :heart::heart::heart:

    i had my eye on these for roughly forever. Chie Miharas are almost never on sale. THANK YOU!
  12. Shopbop definitely doesn't do competitor coupon matching (they rarely give out their own let alone greenlight others!), but they do do price matching per their discretion. They also honor price adjustments, but only within 14 days. There's been a lot of discussion around here regarding their strict pricing policy, so try doing a search; here are some recent ones:
  13. it's a cute jacket. definately a plus that its composed of cashmere. at $332, i wouldn't say its a steal, but fair. i've been told that Sunner runs tts, so i would suggest ordering so...or just do what i do> order 2 sizes and just return the one that doesn't fit. hopes this helps.
  14. thanks for the post! found lots of cute items!
  15. yourwelcome all! I couldn't wait to post after I saw all the cute things!

    nutlogus -- thanks. you're right though it realy isn't a steal.. I just needed a jacket that was not plain black. thanks for the advice!