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  1. has anyone got any shopbop coupon codes?
  2. :[ why did you have to go and post this lol? I'm so scared my size and color is going to sell out. I'm planning to buy the juicy velour hoodie in socialite on monday... that's two days, they BETTER not sell out!!
  3. Oh my many colours....?? :blink:
    Thanks for the link!;) :biggrin:

  4. yes but only for large not for medium. unfair:sad:
  5. yeah there are no Ms left, I was looking at that yest :sad:
  6. hey, I'm a size 4 pants, and usually wear a size small/med shirt ( if the brand runs small.)

    At 5'5" and 125 lbs, do you think a small hoody/pants would be too tight?
  7. small would be allright.