has the Wine Nikki...

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  1. They also have the Yellow. They're both priced at $625...isn't this $25 more than most other places?

    Anyway, happy browsing!
  2. yep! they always overprice their goods. :Push:
  3. I never realized that the yellow nikki had the square studs before! Looking at those pics though I really, really like the old hardware! :drool:
  4. I love the yellow, sigh:love:
  5. i love the yellow, too...but what's up with the price jack-up? they didn't used to price their nikkis so high, if i recall correctly. ug!
  6. ^^The Sea Green, Persimmon, and Cloud Grey Nikkis are still $600, this is what I am perplexed. I guess retailers must think the Wine is still in such high-demand they can make some extra money on it.
  7. ITA...but as much as I :heart::heart::heart: both of these Nikkis in particular, I ain't biting! I also don't think that this strategy will work all that well with most hardcore RM fans, because in the last several weeks there appears to have been a mini-flood of old HW wine/yellow Nikkis on the market, with more new HW ones to maybe places that raise their prices now will see that it doesn't pay off in the end.
  8. Yeah, shopbop always does that. They did the same with MAB in tangerine, they priced it at $625, where everywhere else, it was $595. And it's still sitting there! Not good on there part.