A Day Sweepstakes

  1. I am not sure how you enter the contest or are you automatically entered if you have an account with them??
  2. I apologize effinhaute...I was trying to post these sales alerts so quickly after returning home that I didn't read most of them....including this one. After reading your post, I scoured the Shopbop website and found absolutely NO mention of this sweepstakes!! At the bottom of the ad, one is instructed to "see official rules for details". Well, I couldn't find the official rules! Darn it...what to do....what to do??? I'm not certain what step to take other than perhaps to call them and hope that CS will know.
  3. I had the same problem. I have no idea how to enter or if I'm entered automatically when they send me an email?? Hopefully someone will clarify it soon. I wasn't sure if they're open on weekends to call to find out!
  4. The email says "one bag a day in October", so I think we just need to be patient and wait until Monday :smile:
  5. Ahhh, I'm looking forward to a Monday! :p

    There's a first!
  6. You are right! Come Monday, I am certain we will know how the contest works.
  7. :smile:How true! Actually a good reason for a Monday!
  8. In addition, my inbox is almost always quite full each Monday with all sorts of sales notices. Can't wait!!! :woohoo:
  9. Good grief! I never thought of that as I struggled to try and find how to enter....patience, patience...
  10. Canadian residents aren't eligible!! BOOHOO!:crybaby:
  11. good luck ladies :smile:
  12. Can I enter every day?