discount code "FALL2007" good until 9/12/07

  1. Thanks for the post!
  2. Thanks for posting! :smile: They almost never have coupon codes.
  3. Was just about to post this! YAY FOR Shopbop.COM CODES! Hurry everyone, the code expires Wednesday, September 12th, at 12:00am CST!
  4. darn I just placed an order a few days ago.
  5. I was so excited to see the email this morning! Already went ahead and placed an order, though of course a couple of items I wanted were no longer there in my sizes.
  6. i was so excited when i saw the codes on the Shopbop site this morning. i quickly bought myself a pair of the leather logo tory burch reva flats. it seems that Shopbop codes always fall on the weeks before i get my paycheck. otherwise, i would've bought so much more!
  7. I just purchased a Juicy couture jacket, bracelet, ella moss top and C&C tank. Can't wait to receive.
  8. yay!! finally the long awaited shopbop coupons arrive! i am off to search the site now =)
  9. Thanks so much for posting! To Shopbop I go...:smile:
  10. Thanks! i have been waiting for them to have a code. i finally was able to order soome black uggs that i have been wanting forever
  11. got 2 pairs of uggs :smile: thanks
  12. wow thanks so much for posting!
  13. I'm gonna work on my order tomorrow morning. I am itching for some fall items.
  14. yay!