and Uggs

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  1. has a few styles of Ugg's 20% off, plus you get 10% through ****** today. They have the classic mini, Sheila, Scuffette, tasman, and a few others. I just picked up a pair of mini's! And they have a lot of sizes right now too!
  2. Thank you for posting this :heart:

    I have been thinking about a pair of classic minis but can never figure out how to wear them. They are too short to wear with pant legs tucked in or with a skirt. How do you wear them? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I was planning on wearing them with jeans over them. I have a pair of ultra short's and sometimes if the legs of my jeans arent wide enough then it looks silly with them pulled over the Ugg's. So I figured I would wear the mini's with those.
  4. Thanks, I think pant legs over the boots makes most sense :yes: I like the sand color ones, what color did you get?
  5. I got the chestnut, they are the same color as my ultra short's but I absolutely love that color because mine never look dirty! I definitely think the sand is super cute too!
  6. how often do uggs go for a discounted price? i dont want to buy a pair now to see them fly off the racks at a better price in a month or so...
  7. I think its rare to see a sale on Ugg's. But it also depends on what style, color, and size you are looking for. started a sale on Ugg's a while ago and now they don't have many sizes and styles left. On all of their most popular sizes and styles are backordered and when they finally come in they definitely won't be on sale.
  8. Just bought a pair :yahoo: Now that I'm on a bag ban, I've moved on to shoes :shame: The Hollywould insane sale looks good too... PLEASE make me stop :P
  9. haha I know what you mean. I was sooo tempted by that Hollywould sale. I loaded up my shopping cart online but somehow I held back and quickly closed the window and tried to distract myself with boring homework that I had put of for way too long!
  10. Ohmygod :shocked: Just yesterday I decided to save up for uggs -bites fingernails- i really should buy them now, shouldn't I?
  11. How long are they going to be on sale, does anyone know?
  12. FYI: I bought chestnut mini's from shopbop during their last sale and one of the boots' elastic banding(not sure if that's the actual material) was tighter than the other. It felt like one was more constricted than the other. I returned them back to shopbop and asked for a different pair, but the same thing happened! I'm not sure if its them or just how mini's are so I bought a pair of chesnut classic shorts from davidson shoes(online) for $119.00 w/o shipping and tax. I think average price for mini's are $100 and on sale around $80 and up, and classic shorts you should expect to pay around $120 or more. Haven't found prices less than that for classic shorts recently.
  13. You might check out your local Nordstrom Rack, I have seen Uggs there for 59.99--random colors and sizes, though.
  14. Ew, really? :confused1: I don't think I'm gonna order them now... Thanks for the tip!
  15. grr why couldnt i have seen this yesterday