and there DIFFICULT price-matching policy!!!

  1. I've had my eye on the Vince Leather Car Coat ($695) for quite some time. I was on the web searching to see if I could find a retailer that had it for a cheaper price --Bingo, Nordstrom had the coat for $409.00! I remembered about Shopbop's price-matching (ordering from them would've saved me sales tax) so I gave them a call. The sales rep. at shopbop put me on hold while she "researched" the item on the Nordstrom website. The rep, after doing some "research", concluded that the coats were NOT the same because the Nordstrom coat had pleating in the back. WTH - the shopbop description of the item states "Welt pockets at hip and inverted pleat at back."! This was upsetting because I knew (as did the shopbop sales rep) that it was the exact same coat; shopbop just didn't want to honor the price-match because it was a huge difference in price. I contacted Nordstroms who put me in contact with someone at Vince and they also concluded that they were the same coat the only difference was the name (Nordstom - Vince Washed Leather Car Coat & Shopbop - Leather Car Coat). The Nordstrom rep stated that the prices were different because the coat was going to be a part of the Women's Half-Yearly Sale. I hate to say it but Shopbop just lost a loyal costumer!!! Have any of you ever experienced this with shopbop??
  2. i NEVER shop at shopbop because they really UP the prices...they have a Foley dress that if you buy it from their store you pay 365 and the SAME dress @ shop is $506 and thats not even including tax
  3. Yea, I don't order from shopbop anymore. The reps are normally really rude!
  4. If you still want to try I would call and get a different sales rep. Sometimes it depends on the person. Or maybe just directly ask for the manager. I just have to chime in that Zappos usually has great customer service but it happened once where they did something very similar to me when the price difference was significant so I guess shopbop isnt the only online store to do it.
  5. That really sucks! I would call back and try it with a different sales rep, or if that fails, ask to kindly speak to the manager. If the manager gives you crappy customer service, I would definitely consider boycotting them.
  6. wHAT A BUMMER......
    I got online @Norsdtroms and saw this coat-love it and ordered it. But it can't be ordered til Nov. 7 when the Anniversay sale comes and then they don't have it online, they had to call a store and they are holding for me til next week!
    I don't have a Nordstroms in my state, so no sales tax-I totally understand the :cursing::cursing: for having to pay it!
    I managed free shipping also-hope I love it.
    I would definitely keep trying @Shopbop, But I have to say Nordstroms return policy is awesome, so may be something to consider......
    Good Luck in whatever you do-Love the Brown color!:tup:
  7. Zappos does have excellent CS, I've ordered from them several times. I just couldn't believe how the Sales Rep with shopbop was so quick to lie, that's what upset me. I would've respected the Sales Rep had she been honest and stated, "I'm sorry we won't honor our price-matching b/c of the huge difference in price". I thought about trying a different rep, however, when the rep came back on the phone she said that she had "consulted" several other employees and they felt it wasn't the same coat...I personally feel that she asked a manager and they didn't want to lose out on such a big profit. IMO, Shopbop is willing to lie to customers so they won't have to honor their policies and I don't want to do business with a company that promotes such actions. If I may ask, Labag how did you manage to get free shipping?? I know its only 5 bucks at nordstrom but still every penny counts!
  8. Usually in the past when I order on line and they get it from a store-they waive the shipping, and they did it this time as well!
    Remember returns are easy-no time limit to return-awesome!
  9. That is very frustrating!! I would not shop with them if they gave me a run around like that!!!
  10. Oh no!! I just recently started to love shop upset to hear about their CS and that they upcharge!!
  11. Wow, I've never had any problems with shopbop yet. I do wish their international shipping were cheaper though! It's a shame to hear about their poor customer service.
  12. I avoid buying from shopbop if at all possible. Their markup is ridiculous and the fact that they don't offer too many coupon codes or aren't as lenient with pricematching as, say, Revolve, is a major turnoff. Ugh, and let's not forget to mention their return policy...just not very up-to-date with current e-commerce policies.

    Even if they honored the Nordstrom price, they would have made a profit. Hell, Old Navy makes a profit on their 65 cent t-shirts (as additional proof of how shady retail sales are). I hope you stick with your shopbop boycott - Nordstrom's CS is unparalleled and I much prefer giving them my business.
  13. I am sorry to hear that they're being so difficult! I would be so upset. I only shop from them if there is something that I absolutely LOVE and fcan't find it anywehre else. Otherwise every other website has a coupon so I'd rather go to them.
  14. I sent shopbop an email, I opted for email b/c I really didn't want to speak with a CSR who may lie:cursing:. I have yet to hear from them. I probably won't, they'll probably put me on a black list or something. I ended up purchasing the coat from nordstroms and it should arrive sometime this week or next. Even though I got a good deal on the coat, I'm bummed out b/c I had to pay taxes and shipping :tdown:
  15. ****UPDATE**** Received a response from Shopbop
    Hello ****,

    Thank you for your email. I am sorry about what you had to go through with the price matching situation. We do offer price matching but the first thing that always has to happen first is that we have to take a look at the website that is offering the item. There are other guidelines like it has to be the exact same thing down to the color and it has to be a markdown not a promotion. It does not have to be the same size, but again before we make a decision we have to look at it. Would you be willing to send the link of the website that offers the lower price? I can take a look at it if you want. Please let me know or if you have any other questions or concerns.

    your friends at shopbop


    Obviously, Aine didn't take my email serisouly b/c the manufacturer comfirmed that they were the exact same items (she could've easily contacted the manufacturer herself if she thought I was lying). The CSR from Shopbop even stated, "they look very much alike but they aren't b/c of the pleat and leather" -- She said nothing about promos vs. markdowns -- I guess they'll be considering Nordstroms Yearly sale a "promo" and not a "markdown" and that's how they will get out of honoring their "price-matching" policy. What's the purpose of price matching if you won't match the price of competitors (promo or markdown)??
    Sounds like :cursing:to me! I will be responding to Aine's email, I'll let her know that Nordies excellent CS caught my eye and I'll be dealing with them in the future!