shopbop colombus day sale..

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  1. hi!!! does anyone knows if Shopbop is having a sale on monday? last year they had 20%off! i have a full shopping bag and i was wondering if i should wait till monday...
  2. i think they will be having a f&f sale very very soon. Last year it was October 8th, so it should be any day now.
  3. thanks!! i guess ill wait untill monday
  4. is this 20% off everything? or select brands? or select items are on sale only...?
  5. last year the sale included everything!!
  6. ^ thank you!! :smile:
  7. Is there a code?
  8. i really want a wild fox sweatshirt..but looks like there is no code
  9. no code...and they also charge tax to CA now. wtf.

  10. they are owned by Amazon so I'm guessing it changed when Amazon's tax laws in CA did
  11. Yep, I am very sad about this.
  12. Boooo!!!
  13. I'm sad... I had something in my cart just waiting for a sale. :pout:
  14. very disappointing, wonder if they intend to have any kind of sale soon..
  15. Sooo sad :pout: boo!