1. Z
  2. extra15 for 15% off sale thru 6/28
  3. Does anyone know if Shopbop has sales for 4th of July?
  4. I feel like Shopbop typically does another round of markdowns after they have promo code special, so I would expect markdowns sometime in the next two weeks.
  5. ...And today there are new markdowns!
  6. Any codes please?
  7. Not a code but many, many items were marked down from 50% to 70% off today
  8. When will they have another code again?
  9. I am lusting for a dress currently at 30%, does anyone have any guesses when the next round of cuts will be?
  10. ^^^^ I am curious too, if there will be another round of further reductions? Anyone?
  11. I got an eye for 2 belt too, hope they would have sale codes, or further reductions.
  12. any shopbop code, its been quite long since they have some good discount code. =(
  13. they probably won't have a code for a while (unless maybe for labor day).

    but right now shopathomeDOTcom has 15% cash back.

    IMO that's just as good as a code.
  14. new markdowns on shopbop just loaded =)
  15. Thanks so much! I wouldn't have checked otherwise
    14% cash back through