ShopBop Codes?

  1. Anybody have any Shopbop coupons??? :smile:
  2. They rarely have codes, but if you have Lucky mag rewards, then I think it's around 8% back.
  3. yeah. 10% back with lucky.
  4. I just happened to come across some Shopbop codes tonight. I hope that they, "it" still works for you. It is "TAXBREAK2007". That is good for $20 off of $100 or $50 off of $250, or $100 of of $500. I hope this helps! Happy Shopping!!
  5. ^ That offer should be expired already, but I guess it doesn't hurt to try!!
  6. Doesn't work :cry:
  7. I think 6% with ******
  8. My apologies for posting a site I guess I wasn't supposed to. I am kind of new here as far as posting