shopbop code

  1. I'm surprised nobody posted it yet.
    From reesycakes:
    code TAXBREAK2007 gives you
    $50 Off Of $250
    $100 Off Of $500
    $20 Off Of $100

    good until 4/16/2007
  2. OMG.. thanks so much!!!!!
    I've been looking for a code for so long!!
  3. oh that is good!!!!! thans for the code!
  4. Thank you! And there is the Lucky Mag reward for another 10%.
  5. 10% on top of the discoutn? how does that work?
  6. ^ i think that's a rebate type of thing, isn't it?
  7. Thanks so much!!!
  8. Thank you so much for the code. :yahoo: Is the $ off from a single item or can it be applied to total amount purchased? If I purchase two items worth $250 combined, would I be discounted $50?
  9. Someone posted this earlier, but I can't find the thread anymore.
  10. preciousmoment, the discount applies to the total amount, so yes, you'd get $50 off if you spend a total of $250 or more.
  11. Ooooh - thanks so much! This justifies the purchase of the things I've been eyeing up ;)
  12. i was always waiting for a Shopbop code to come around, but now that it is here, i find myself not being drawn to any particular items on the site, since i can get 30% off of Revolve (first tmie coupon) and i've been saving that coupon for ages. lol.

    but i'm sure some of you will snatch up something great and be able to utilize this code! =P
  13. Thank you for this! I hope I don't get too tempted by anything...but it's good to know about. Shopbop codes are so rare.
  14. fyi the code isn't valid until tomorrow (the 13th) - through the 16th.
  15. I tried using it & it didn't work today :push: