Shopbop code! (There actually is one!)

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  1. [​IMG]
    Can you believe it? I'm gonna go nuts. I hope there are no restrictions.
  2. Wow! Sweet deal! Rare!
  3. woah!

    thanks....u rawk
  4. Any Canadians here order from Shopbop before? If so, how are the shipping rates? I really wanna get a pair of UGGS but I don't wanna sign with my credit card and all if shipping costs are gonna be too expensive.
  5. I love this forum! I just ordered the Botkier Bombay Tall tote, after the discount it was only $267!!!! I'm so HAPPY!!!:yahoo:
  6. Yay congrats! So much cute stuff!
  7. I suppose it doesn't inclue sale items?
  8. I got stuff that was on sale! I bought the Botkeir tall hobo too, and the AC duffel bag, both were onsale and I used the code. I LOVE this forum!
  9. Thanks for this one.
  10. Damn, I just ordered something online a couple days ago. Could've really used this one! Thanks Nerdphanie for sharing!

    I have a ton of items in my wishlist...hmmm I wonder what I should get :sneaky:
  11. it DOES include items on sale
  12. YEAH!! :yahoo: Thanks for sharing!! :heart:
  13. Just got me a Marc by Marc Jacobs cashmere scarf, a pair of London Soles, a pair of Uggs (I know...but it's perfect for school), and a hanky panky thong! Came to $502, so I got $100 off :yahoo: .
  14. OMG! Such a good deal!!!

    What about shipping to Canada? Is shipping free? Anyone ordered from Shopbop before? I'd like to know too!!! :shame: Thanks :smile:
  15. Shipping to Canada is extremely expensive :crybaby: .They wanted close to $50 to ship my Bombay tote. I'm fortunate enough to have a really good friend in the US that I had the bag sent to and she will in turn be mailing it to me. Hope that helps...
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