Shopbop Canada

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  1. Hey ladies!!
    I just discovered shopbop (I know, I live under a rock hehe). just wondering what your experiences with them are like shipping to Canada!! I know they offer free shipping but do they include custom charges or is that charged at the post? I purchased 100 dollars worth of stuff from nastygal and ended up having to fork out another 30 bucks. would much rather no surprises :sad: any one have bad experiences with them??
  2. I have ordered from them once before but I had my package sent to Point Roberts (all my US retailer and eBay purchases get sent there) and then I just make a verbal declaration when I bring it across the border. (and fill up my car with that awesome $0.95/L gasoline LOL)

    I believe that they will add customs fees and duties to your order total so that nothing is due on delivery. I think their policy is on their website under International Shipping. Once you've added the items to your cart, and begun the process of paying, it will list the duties payable.
  3. I've ordered many times from Shopbop and have never been charged for duty when I pick for the USPS, no tracking option ( I think it's the third option). It does take longer to arrive, but it doesn't go through UPS or Purolator that charges ridiculous brokerage fees!