Shopbop Anna Corinna "exclusives"

  1. Hi all,
    Does anyone happen to know if the Shopbop Anna Corinna Jet Setter Jr. in "Ottanio" is the same as Steel/Slate? Shopbop claims that Ottanio is an exclusive. The Steel/Slate is nice, but the Ottanio seems like it is an amazing color! I hope it isn't just better photography from Shopbop.
    annac2000818339_prod_zoom_lookbk.jpg 18222-viewsize300-front.jpg
  2. Sometimes their exclusives are similar to a color that is not an exclusive, but I don't think shopbop could get away with lying about something being exclusive. Designers wouldn't like that. However, I have no specific experience with this bag. It's gorgeous though!
  3. That is a nice bag I don't have an answer either.
  4. I agree that is an amazing color. She sure does a lot of exclusives.
    Probably you need to buy both and compare, and then send the one you like least to me;).
  5. It looks SO similar to the Steel color. However, in real life, the Steel color has definite light blue undertones. Still gorgeous but you can't see the blue so much in the online pictures.
  6. Right!
  7. Thanks to everyone who replied. Maybe I'll chance it and buy the Ottanio. If I do, I'll let you all know if it worked out.