shopbop and their inconsistent policy

  1. let me start off my saying that i am usually a big fan of Shopbop. they offer free shipping and no sales tax as i live in new york. i've been a repeat customer, and have spent a good amount of money there.

    i called yesterday inquiring about their price matching policy. there is a 15% off promo code at that i wanted to use on a botkier bag. a customer rep at said they would honor the discount as long as the item was identical and i place the order over the phone. i thanked her and told her i would call back as i was in a taxi at the time.

    i call this morning to place my order only to be told by another cs rep that they only honor sale prices on other websites! what's the deal? i did a search on the boards where one of the members here copied and pasted an email they received from a Shopbop cs rep saying that they would honor any promotion as long as it was current!

    at this point, it would be better off if i just purchase the bag from, but they don't allow returns on handbags, and i would feel more comfortable ordering from a site that does offer a return policy. i sent shopbop a message expressing my dissatisfaction. we'll see what they say. have any of you had problems with getting shopbop to price match an item for them?
  2. Hi tadpolenyc. I posted the email to which you are referring and here it is and all!! What bag is it that you are attempting to order? Perhap we can find it at a comparable price (sale) at another more customer-friendly store!!!:yes:

  3. Honestly you should try to find it somewhere else?? Perhaps with a bit more research you can find it at a place that has a better coupon with a FREE return shipping?

    I always liked shopbop as well, especially when they don't have things that Revolve clothing and Active endeavors don't. However I hatepaying for the return shipping :sad: