ShopBop 20% Off

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  1. has 20% off all Juicy Couture with coupon code GETJUICY valid through Dec. 25th. Plus free shipping on all orders.

    Credit goes to CheapCheapCheap.Org women's page
  2. does anyone know if this code works on sale items? i'm trying to apply this code to my cart but i don't get an error message or an additional discount...
  3. It doesn't work on sale items :sad:
  4. it tried, but i didnt work on regular items either. anybody found it worked?
  5. The code probably expired because it's been working for over a month already.
  6. just wanted to bump this and say that shopbop has their juicy velour hoodies/track jackets/pants on sale for 30% off starting dec 25th. i bought 2 items last nite for $64 each.

    though typically in later jan it goes 50% off but by then the pickins are slim by then!
  7. does anyone know if shopbop will have another coupon code anytime soon? i read from the past post that there was one code back in november..and i know that they are having a sale right now, but the bag i want (marc jacobs) is still a little pricey after the discount.

    would they mark down the prices even more after the new years?

    thanks and happy new year guys! :smile: