Shopbop 20% off one time use codes

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  1. I have a bunch of shopbop 20% off one time use codes. I don't think there are any limitations. They expire September 30.

    Here are the first two codes:
    2XL-IGJ-TAR-R3T (maybe the I is a "1")

    Post on this thread if you want a code. I will give them out randomly. I will probably get more codes in the following days.

    Please do not PM me, as my mailbox is almost full!
  2. I will be using the second code. THANK YOU!!!
  3. I would like a code.
  4. I would love a code! Thanks a bunch!
  5. I would love a code.
  6. I need a code!!!
  7. I'd love a code if you have one. Thanks!!
  8. I'd love a code, thanks so much!
  9. I'd like one if you have any left...I just placed an order the other day but had a few more things I wanted to purchase!
  10. I'd like a code as well, thanks!!
  11. If you have any more, i'd like a code too!
  12. I would love a code!
  13. May I, pretty please?
  14. I would love one if you have one to spare. Thanks!
  15. Same here! :biggrin:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.