shopbop 20% off non-sale contemporary bags and designer boutique bags


    code: ARMCANDY for 20% off non sale contemporary and designer boutique bags

  2. Thanks so much! They never have codes! Thanks for sharing.
    i want some MJ goodness

    do they ship internationally ?? <_>
  4. Thanks for sharing. Is this code good for today only? I've been thinking about a MBMJ bag. Yay! :tup:
  5. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Great discount. Shopbop never has codes like this.... I've been eyeing the Vanessa Bruno bags.

    Ling Girl: It ends Thursday, Nov 1, at 6 AM CST!
  7. Thanks!! Now I could take my time making my selection.
  8. Awesome, thanks for sharing!
  9. Hi does anyone know if you can combine codes through Shopbop? For example, I got a personal/individual code for 20% off to use a few weeks ago...would I be able to use that code with todays code of 20% off all handbags, would it would culminate in a 40% discount? Or is that just some incredibly wishful thinking?

    If anyone knows, please holler at me!

  10. i don't think you can combine the codes but you can try to do a mock order and put the codes in to see if they stack. if they do, you'd be getting a 36% discount.
  11. OMG - such a rare offer from one of my favorites! Thanks for the post:tup: