*Shopalicious Sinful Addiction Showcase*

  1. I decide to add pics of my collection as I am cleaning up :rolleyes:

    So.. I am going to start off with my Monogram Accessories...
  2. I have a rather small collection but I am too lazy to pull them out @ once ....( I will take pics when I use them and add pics of my bags along the way)

    My Costume Jewlery..... ( I just started collecting.. I was a lot chubbier before and doesnt fit into them.... I hope that my tiny collection will grow with time)
  3. My one and only Hermes .. A drag bag from my DD a couple years ago...
  4. My one and only Dior. A Romantique Flap that I have never used and decide to let go ...:crybaby:
    dior front.jpg dior side.jpg
  5. Nice collection shopalicious! I love your jewellery collection.
  6. Love the LV accessories...
  7. Nice collection. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Great collection- love the lv jewelry
  9. great accessories!
  10. nice collection
  11. My Chanel Classic Flaps...
  12. LVOE every piece you have!! :tup:
  13. Everyone thank you so much and thanks for letting me share :smile:
  14. gorgeous collection.
  15. I love the white chanel!!!!