- 40% Off

  1. 40% off all the hottest name brands at brands from ed hardy, frankie b, sky, bobi, primp, and much more... offer excludes chrome angel candles.
  2. hi, is there a code for this offer? thank you
  3. No, sorry but there was nothing more than what I posted. The subject line said 40% Off Entire Site, but nowhere was there a code. I found that to be strange as well. Assuming that the discount would be automatic, I put an item into my cart and attempted to complete the checkout, but there was no discount taken!! Sooo....I just called the CS # on their site and left a message. Hopefully, someone will return my call tonight after which time I will post my findings. I can't imagine why there was no code. Oh well, I've had stranger newsletters.:confused1:
  4. thanks so much for following up on that. it'll be a really good deal if it is another 40% off. :tup::tup::yahoo:
  5. No one from Shopaholicgirl returned my call last night. My DH and I are leaving for a short weekend trip to the mountains in about two hours, and he won't let me take my laptop! HEHE! He knows from experience that I will be glued to it if I do. In any case, here is the phone contact in the event someone wants to try contacting them. Otherwise, if I receive a call over the weekend, I'll post my findings upon returning on Sunday.

    CONTACT US: If you need help with sizes, placing an order, or a special order, we will be happy to help you by phone: 909-238-1906. Please do not hesitate to call us! Operating hours mon thru fri 10-5pm saturday 10-2 sundays we will return calls back on following monday.
  6. Just in case anyone wants to know, I believe the code is 40OFF. I havn't used it, but I found it on another website.
  7. I just arrived home and wanted to let you know that no one from Shopaholic ever called me!! So much for great customer service!!:tdown:
  8. i called during the 10-2 time frame for sat and no one answered the phone either. =(