Shopaholiccat's Updated Collection

  1. it has been a year since i joined the tpf and my collection has changed a bit so here is a newly updated version of my collection ;)
    Its nothing compared to what some of the tpfers have, but do Enjoy it :heart:

  2. [​IMG]

    My limited edition items including my beloved onatah aubergine and my favourite LV: stratus pm in beige and my panda trotteur ;), cherry blossom pochette in brown/pink and framboise envelop plate


    my one of a kind group, a pleaty (my mom gave to me), a poppincourt long and my ipanema pochette (i love for travelling)


    my mini monograms, the line that i used to love very much :heart: i still like it, but not as much
    limited.JPG oneofakind.JPG chanel.JPG accessories.JPG minimono.JPG
  3. my chanels, what i'm currently obsessed about :graucho:
    my accessories

  4. A MJ cluth that i scored for $20 at the NYC Marc Jacobs Stuff boutique :nuts:

    Bags that i can throw around
    -burberry blue label tote, gucci tote and a juicy dreamer tote


    all safely stored :smile:

    school.JPG sleeping.JPG mjbag.JPG
  5. a better pic of the family :queen:

    thanks for letting me share
  6. lovely collection! i love your stratus pm too :smile:
    i've ever seen all your bags together at once :heart:
  7. Beautiful collection! I love your Chanels.
  8. Cute MJ clutch & what a fantastic price!

    Also, love your Chanel flap.
  9. Love the Chanels and Olympe!
  10. Love your collection, thank you for sharing!
  11. Love 'em all! I love My Melody too..heehee:tup:
  12. Great collection!
  13. Great collection!
  14. Great collection - I love your taste in bags they're beautiful.... especially that tDF stratus pm!!!
  15. Fabulous Collection, shopaholicat! Thks for sharing. :flowers: