Shopaholic668's Bags!!

  1. Hello everyone! I decided that it's time to show off my collection! Hope you enjoy them!
    collections.JPG collections 2.JPG collections 3.JPG collections 4.JPG
  2. Nice collection!
  3. Beautiful collection!!
  4. Great collections, thanks for sharing !!!!
  5. I love your mini monogram stuff
  6. OMG!!!:amazed: GREAT collection!!! You EARNED your name!!!:lol:
  7. Beautiful Collection! THanks for sharing!
  8. You have some gorgeous stuff! Love the collection..
  9. Good pics! Your black Epi bags are beautiful.
  10. Holy crap....that's a lot of bags!!!!! I like each and every one of them!!!
  11. wow, gorgeous collection! i love how you tie the hermes twillys on your lv bags!
  12. I looove the Josephine in cherry with the bandeau ! And the Chanel clutch is gorgeous, fabulous collection !
  13. I love Everything ..great colors in the B-bags
  14. Great collection.
  15. wow that is an impressive collection! your balenciaga's are beautiful :smile: