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  1. for me the definition of "shopaholic" goes even beyond shopping. i honestly enjoy browsing the library racks because it feels like shopping, even though its free :lol:
  2. I love shopping and do it often. As long as I can afford it, it shouldn't matter if I do all the time.

    Shop on...
  3. Shopaholic right here too! But just like Missie, a healthy shopaholic :-P
  4. i hear ya sista
  5. Am I a shopaholic? Well, my DH and kids seem to think so (my kids gave me a book called 'Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic for Christmas)..but yesterday I went shopping and bought stuffs for them and nothing for me..does that still make me a shopaholic?? I guess..
  6. I'm often called a shopaholic. But I do consider myself a healthy shopaholic. I wouldn't dare put shopping over necessities (student loans (blah!), food, mortgage, etc.).
  7. I was unintentionally deprived of a lot of shopping when I was growing up, and in my teens didn't show any interest in it even when I NEEDED to get something. In my late teens after "venturing out of the nest" to another country and away from my family I found joy in shopping and browsing the malls mostly because I was bored and didn't have much to do. I felt free and able to express myself and began developing my own "style"/wearing makeup..etc.

    I went through some rough times after that and would shop to distract myself, ever since then I've been struggling with shopping.

    I wouldn't say I buy a lot, because I'm also a neat freak and totally anti-clutter but I have the impulsive feeling of going out there to get something and when I am stressed and give in, I feel better. Just for a little while until the cycle starts over.

    The problem is that I'm broke too but still manage to find money to buy things (borrowing from family, spending whatever I got) and like-right-now I feel I just can't stop. I've been trying for months and always feel guilty after the purchase because it's not my money.

    If that's the definition of a shopoholic then I guess that's what I am. And if anyone's wondering - I used to be in therapy but it's so very expensive.
  8. "because when i shop, the world gets better. The world is better. and then its not anymore and i need to do it again"

    im not as bad as Rebecca Bloomwood, BUT it doesnt matter how much money i have 500 or 5000.... i will spend it on anything and everything until i run out. if i won the lottery for 100,000,000 it would be gone within a year.

    if my parents gave me a yearly amount of money for food, emergencies, etc... it would be gone within 48hrs.... thats why they do it weekly so i cant blow everything.
  9. I am /was-depending upon my current progress, a shopaholic. It is a sign of a mental illness for me and I am being treated. We can afford it, but it is not healthy in my world,regardless of income... just an unhealthy cause for it . I do it more when I am severely stressed; I have 2 family members terminally ill (not asking for sympathy), but the problem has increased again despite a few years of medication to help quash it. I will keep working on this problem.

    Having the money, does not always mean it is normal and healthy, JME
  10. i am.......only with its on SALE..
  11. I'm a shopaholic. Always within my means, but I did use it as a crutch when I had depression. I'm an addictive type of person. I'm going to pare it back the second half of the year... and probably become addicted to something else.
  12. Just the other day, i was telling my sister that i love to buy shoes because of blah blah blah reasons.
    she kept quiet and told me solemnly " actually, you buy everything. the truth is you just love to buy things. anything. "
    ok, guilty!!!!
    but shopping makes me happy so i shall continue being this shopaholic for as long as i can afford to.
    say NO to credit card debts though! they are the real killer!