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  1. well said :tup:

    love that CC quote!!!
  2. I see what you mean. Yes, ITA that the labeling thing can be not a tad but quite annoying. I guess it's impossible to be surrounded by people who share our interests--regardless of what they are--everywhere we go. Thank goodness for TPF, then!
  3. Yes, I shamelessly embrace that label - doesn't really bother me. Just because I like to shop doesn't mean I always buy something everywhere I go. I know my budget...and when it's OK to break it, LOL!!
  4. you guys are awesome - love the responses and love TPF!

    on that note, who's going to watch the movie coming out on Feb. 13??? :smile:
  5. I'm looking forward to it! It looks like a great silly chick flick.
  6. I'm definitely a shopaholic! and I DEFINITELY will see that movie with Isla Fischer called shopaholic... I laugh everytime I see previews and think to myself... "wow, thats so me!" LOL:P
  7. i don't really like being called a shopaholic either. i rarely buy stuff but i'm ALWAYS looking for the best deal, so that's why i'm sometimes called a shopaholic by others. i just don't want to be known for being a consumer rather than a citizen, KWIM??
  8. Nobody called me shopaholic yet, but I got "you shop too much" which equates the same thing to me.
    However the other day I watched the preview of "Confessions of a shopaholic" and I got sudden goosebumps. I think somehow I saw a little of me from that preview.

    By the way, I will never be a workaholic, how boring! :yucky:
  9. hehe, have you ladies read the book? I confess, I am just finishing it, I love it! it's really funny...

    oh, and Isla Fisher is just so cute! I think she'll do a great job.
  10. ^^ She's a doll and she's so tiny. I saw her a couple of times at the mall in Australia when I used to live there.
  11. Yikes. It would not have been good for my professional life to go shopping during my lunch hour. They are *not* right to judge you (especially openly, how rude!), but in the workplace, it's best not to go against the grain if it just ends up costing you angst. You can go shopping anytime -- perhaps you'd better save it for days when you don't have to trek back to the office with shopping bags in hand.

    I know for sure that the men, women, and my BOSS at my (former) company would've not looked kindly upon my taking my lunch hour to shop. It's not really their business what I do with my time, on the rare occasions I even took a lunch, but that's just how it was, so I played along. I did not care to be known for my "shopaholism" more than my skill.
  12. Agreed. I definitely don't do it anymore at my new job which is one I like much better and I respect my coworkers more.

    But surprisingly, my bosses didn't care what anyone did during their lunch (going to the gym, etc. - they didn't mind) was just my female peers who were so judgemental. Too much drama!
  13. I am a shopaholic, I know I am I'm not gonna make light of it or deny it.

    I want to be a workaholic.

    This post holiday season, I've gone a bit crazy...sales!:Push: But I am going on a ban for a few months, figuring out my bills, and getting back on track with stuff. I figure if I *ahem* don't indulge my shopping like this on a regular basis, then I should be fine. I do have some debts, they are not HUGE yet, but I won't let them get like this again. Anyway, I'm stocked for life! I really dont need anything else. I have SO MANY great things.

    I've had FUN, but now its time to get to the stuff that REALLY makes me feel good about myself - work. Accomplishment feels even better than buying something I have been wanting.
  14. I have to agree here. Even if you aren't in debt (which is enough to stop most people before they go totally crazy, ie: me), if the only real thrill you get is from purchasing, you need to seek out other pursuits. There is nothing wrong with loving shopping TRUST ME I know there isn't, but ultimately it isn't enough. And it shouldn't feel like enough. If it does feel like enough, I'd personally say it is time to re-examine your life: something is wrong. Most of your time and energy should be towards a purer pursuit.
  15. TOTALLY agree - when it starts taking over your life, friends, family, hobbies, then you need help. Maybe that's why I'm so annoyed with people who use that label. They make it seem commonplace and make light of a serious issue.

    I know it's not a comparison by no means, but I also get really upset with people who jokingly call themselves alcoholic after one too many drinks. Alcoholism is a serious disease...and I just think it's immature to make light of it.