Shop Zutano ( Infant & Toddler) - 50% Off Fall/Winter Clothes

  1. Thanks Bagdear! I love Zutano.

  2. Arg! This is the second time in two days that I have posted a sale in the wrong doesn't pay for me to be doing this either late at night or really early in the morning....I'm just not with it!! Do I need to repost this in 'Deals' or can it be moved?
  3. Crap! I just realized it was the wrong forum too! I think we both need more coffee :graucho:

  4. I wouldn't worry about moving it----this one can slide by!
  5. I love Zutano too ! There is a consignment boutique near where I live (Beverly Ma) the boutique is desinger I think it is called Rerun and the proceeds go to help abused women and children HAWC. Anyway, last year Zutano donated a bunch of stuff to them and I got bundles of new stuff for a few dollars each, it was great and went to a great cause too ! There stuff is so cute, you can mix and match and they use great color combos and prints !