Shop Zoe Online ~ Final Blowout*Up To 70% Off Storewide

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  1. #2 Feb 2, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009
  2. You're welcome! With V-day approaching, this is the perfect time to buy him a present! Have fun!!!
  3. I have been having trouble all morning with this site. Anyone else having issues?
  4. ^It's slower than molassas!!
  5. Thanks!
  6. Yay! Thanks so much!!! I just got some Chloe boots for 70 off!!
  7. The leather on ERVA bags are awesome.....they are made in Spain....and they are delicious!

    Too bad I don't NEED another bag!!!

    this time, you didn't GET me!! LOL! :heart::yahoo:
  8. That's okay little miss cutie...THERE'S ALWAYS A NEXT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks, Bag! There are some nice Lanvin shoes and bags as well!
  10. If anyone lives near the actual stores (Brooklyn & Princeton), the in-store sale is much better and a bigger selection :smile:
  11. Tempt me NOT, young lady!! I can't buy anything for at least a couple months, but I'm happy that you found something that you like!!!:yes::yes:
  12. Agreed!

    I've bought stuff from them in past years with 80% off!!

    I'm not sure if this sale has started but theres usually a decent selection left even with 80% off. Worth giving them a call.

  13. Yup! Stuff I've gotten from the in-store sale:

    Black Chloe flats - $111
    Miu Miu pumps - $140
    Miu Miu sandals - $74
    Rock & Republic skinny jeans - $75
    Joe's Jeans (dark wash, bootleg) - $65

    I plan on going again this week to check on the sales... but when I went 2 weeks ago, most of the winter stock was 60% off. Tons of lanvin flats, Jimmy choos, Miu Miu heels, designer jeans, juicy couture, Diane Von Fursturnberg, etc. for $70-$305.:yahoo: