Shop Zoe Has Gryson Molly Tote In Grey For $338

  1. is it just wistful thinking to see if there are codes? :smile:
  2. No...those were my thoughts as well!!! I did look on every link I know of for a coupon code, but alas, I could not find one. If I find one, I'll make sure to post it though.
  3. thanks- there is a cute pair of chloe shoes that's sold out elsewhere but they have my size in stock- ! the gryson bags are well priced too--(tempted...but trying to hold out and perhaps get a balenciaga...:girlsigh:
  4. Completely understand! My son's girlfriend and I were talking earlier tonight about buying a Balenciaga, although I also want a Bottega Veneta!!
  5. Nordstrom Rack is selling Molly for $170. I have found black, tan, and smoke.
  6. Those prices are unbelievable! I am so reluctant to order from Nordstrom Rack though without seeing the bag. Months ago when they were having a similar sale, I called a NR in another state and ordered a Chloe Edith(at least I think it was an Edith) for $500! It not only arrived to me damaged, but worse than was a FAKE!!!! What blew my mind was that it was sooo obvious....couldn't believe the SA couldn't tell! The stitching had also come loose from the zipper by about 2 inches. Anyway, I was at first told that because it was tagged "final sale", that I couldn't return it. Of course, after I spoke with the store manager, you know that wasn't going to happen!! He was quite kind and apologetic, and was eager to accept it back. Apparently, someone purchased the Auth. Chloe, but returned a damaged replica to an unknowing SA! The returned bag was later put back onto the shelf for sale. I find it so hard to believe that there are people in this world who would do something like that!!
  7. Wow, I live in Boston and we don't have a Nordstrom Rack... we actually don't even have a Nordstrom store yet in this state (coming soon.... but that's beyond the point). I'm moving to California in a few weeks and will definitely check out the NR frequently for deals like these! Gryson for $170!!!! I would get one in each color! Thanks for posting that info, I never knew!
  8. people are seriously sick.:tdown:

  9. Thanks for posting! BTW..did you buy one that you could post pics of?

  10. grr! just reading that upsets me!! really. How could they DO such thing. :cursing: that's why i don't even look at bluefly...(just not worth the risk..)
  11. She got the fake from Nordstrom Rack-not Bluefly. Bluefly has corrected the bait and switch problem by using security tags...besides if you believe the bag to be fake you'd just send it back. I got a gorgeous Botegga Veneta at Bluefly on sale w/ a 20% off code when they were also giving an extra 20% off weekend. So I bought a bag that was over $1200 for $750. Just keep your eyes open for the codes and the sale. PS-I know it's real as I took it to Saks to compare them with an SA!
  12. Just reading about the NR prob just brought back my emotions with bluefly--that's why i had to put a little blrb about them. But good to know that they've done something to remedy the prob. (and glad you're enjoying such an awesome bag for a great price! :smile: )