Shop vintage? Need advice for my store. Come help!

  1. I'm opening a vintage e-tail store soon (okay, so i've been saying this for ages!) and i'm looking to you savvy shoppers for some advice because I've never done this before. I'll probably think of more questions as I go along but for now....

    1) Do you prefer to see clothes on a real person or laid out (I don't have a dress form yet)

    2) What type of vintage good do you buy/search for primarily? Jewelry? Dresses? Shoes? etc...

  2. Wow...that sounds awesome...I am a vintage everything fanatic!! I would rather see the item on a person than laid out, I think....and I think everything from clothes to accessories would be fun! Let me know more when there is more to know!
    I also had a website when I lived in HK selling handbags and if you need any can PM me, and maybe I could help!
  3. Great plan!

    I prefer to see clothes on a real person, preferably with the measurements/size of that person so I can compare it with my size.
  4. i preffer to see things on a real person too. it gives a good idea about sizes. some places just list measeurements but how am i supposed to imagine a shoulder drop? KWIM?

    i buy mainly dresses and jewellery when im vintage hunting. and fabulous accessories that i know are innapropriate but i will feel fab in (i recently got a white mink short boxy jacket) that i will hardly wear but it just screamed glamour.

    good luck with starting the business.
  5. Definitely put it on a real person. If you go on eBay and type in vintage (under the clothing section) you'll see how most of top selling vintage resellers use funky, hip looking models and usually have vintage-inspired backdrops or backgrounds. You can also create combined sales by creating a whole outfit on the model - so if you're selling a vintage dress, pair it up with a vintage belt and shoes and jewelry. There are some buyers who will fall in love with the whole ensemble on the model and ask to buy the whole thing.

    I personally shop for unique vintage tunics, tops, and dresses as well as occasionally shoes. Good luck on your endeavor!
  6. Thanks for all your help girls! I really appreciate it! It's so hard because I have to do EVERYTHING by myself (making the website, sourcing the stock, photographing, etc.) so being put on the right track is very helpful. It'd be a shame if my work for all for nothing. I'll be back with more questions! ;)
  7. I agree... it helps if it is on some type of model... menquins (sp?) are fine too. I like to see how stuff hangs which I can't when it is laying down.

    I would probably buy acessories most since those are easiest to buy online. Vintage clothing is hard because there are so many size changes throughout the years... I really feel I need to try clothing on.
  8. Agree about seeing clothes on models. Also bags; it helps for scale.

    PM me if you get in any 50's or 60's leopard print jackets in Medium. :graucho:
  9. 1. Definitely on a person.
    2. Mostly jewlery, scarfs, gloves, hair accessories, and evening bags. love vintage teacups, teapots, dishes, clocks, etc. as well :yes:
  10. On a real person is better, and just give that person's size, for example: "Model Kelly normally wears a size 8/medium" or "Model Josie normally wears a size 14/large", so that people can gauge their own size in relation to that.

    I usually shop for cool old coats and jackets. Shoes, too. Fun dresses and other items that really remind you of a certain era are good; you can have fun dressing the models up in outfits with a 40's starlet theme, or a 50's rockabilly girl, 60's mod chick, 70's disco queen, 80's new waver, 90's grunge chick, etc.!

    Good luck; this sounds like so much fun!!!!