Shop the pre-fall 2007 Balenciaga Collection

  1. If anyone is in Chicago today... at Barneys NY there is a Shop the pre-fall 2007 Balenciaga Collection.. you have to call for an apt. 10 to 4 PM - 2nd floor...
    312-587-1700 ex 6019 Don't know if it's a pre-sale or what. It will be happening in NY at BNY, Madison & 61st, this Monday & Tuesday, the 14th & 15th, 10- 6 PM.
    Call for apt. 212-826-8900 ext 2152.. & if you go please let us know what they had!;)
  2. Oh you lucky folks ... I doubt that anything like that will happen here in the Boston area!
  3. Seriously?????
  4. Good golly, why do I live in BFE?:sad:
  5. WOW! :nuts:

    Good luck to all the PFers who live in those areas!
  6. thanks so much i left a message at the nyc number!
  7. :crybaby::cursing:
    Oooh I was so frustrated! I got a card in the mail on May 8th with all the times, dates, and telephone numbers for New York, Beverly Hills, Chicago, and Dallas. But the one I could have gone to was in Beverly Hills, and it was that very day May 8th, and I couldn't make it! I know they were taking the pre-orders (which I've already done at Bal, NY), but if anyone attended could you tell us what visuals they brought? Of course I am going be really sick if they had more than the swatch boards, especially if they had bags to show!!!!
    :crybaby: :yucky: :push:
  8. I got that flyer. I love in the burbs of Chicago. But I would have to drag my two kids (1.5 and 3) down there and I had men in working on my floor this morning so I couldn't really leave. Now they are napping so my chance is shot. That's ok. I already know what I want for fall and if I went there, I would probably buy more. :rolleyes:
  9. OMG, crap! I *almost* went here today!!!!!
  10. I wanna go!! but i don't want to tempt myself.
  11. Oh no! I live in Chicago. I have to finish a massive paper, otherwise I'd be all over it. Damn!
  12. I just called the NYC store and they said it's only for ready wear....
  13. I just called the Barneys in NYC and the SA didn't know if handbags were included. The show is scheduled to happen in the Balenciaga clothes department at Barneys in NYC.

    ETA - jydeals1 - sounds like you talked to a more knowledgeable SA. In that case, I won't bother ... I know I can't fit in any of those clothes! ;)
  14. yup i also just spoke with nyc, clothes only...