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  1. Hi, I saw some posts about Shop Star Style and how bad they were. I read these posts after I purchased so I was very freaked out. I have to say they have answered every e-mail I have sent them and I have a tracking number for my shipment. These few things already contradict the negative experience people have said they have had. I don't doubt that I'll get the merchandise since I can track it and that I will be able to return it (if I decide to) because of their prompt responses to my concerns. Their prices are great we'll see if the bags really are what they say.

    I'm not endorsing them, I just wanted to share that my experiece with them has been fine. Thank you!

    Take care,

  2. :thinking:interesting how the first and only post is about a store....
  3. I just wanted to put the experience I had out there is all. Nothing more. Take from it what you will. :smile:

    Take care,

  4. Hi,

    I finally received my package from shop star style and they are terrible. First, they aren't the bags that I ordered but secondly they are clearly very poorly made. Up to this point I've been corresponding with shop star style about my shipement and that's been find. We'll see if they refund the money now. Hopefully they do if not maybe alert pay can get it back because if reflects poorly on them as well.

    So, just an FYI the correspondence in getting the shipment was good the products are horrible.

    Take care,