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  1. hey everyone. I order a handbag from the other day and I was just wondering if anyone has ever ordered from them before and what their process is like?? It has been two days and I'm still waiting on a tracking number for the shipment.
  2. You should search through the purse forum.. there are threads on this website. Get your money back ASAP!! Its totally fake.. even judging by the prices its just fake.. some say they received their order in a beaten up box from CHINA.

    So before it gets to you CANCEL the order. get your money back!
  3. HI,
    I ordered from them, and can say it has been problem after problem with them. Get your money back!!!! They are fake bags!!!
  4. Hey,
    I really wish I would've found this site before sending my money. I sent money via Western Union Jan 30 and have received nothing. They keep saying my item has been shipped to try and keep me from requesting a refund. I filed complaints both on and the better business bureau of Canada. I plan on contacting Winnipeg Commercial Fraud Division to see if they can give me any guidance because I live in the states. Best of luck but pass the word along. I hate to see anyone else go through this
  5. Could you just do a chargeback on your CC if they refuse to send you a refund?? You might be better off doing that.
  6. HI,
    I too have been having problems with them. They refuse to issue me a refund, and now claim I owe them money. I have filed claims everywhere, and now am even looking into reporting them to the fbi or secret service, because they claim to have an established business in the states. PLus they sell fake designer goods as real. :9( this place is a nightmare!
  7. Hi all,
    If you ahve had a problem with shop star style, please report them to the canadian business bureau and!
  8. the Deals & Steals Forum is for posting great sales only please.
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